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Cathy Caterpillar is sure to become your child's favourite toy!

It's cute, colourful, and highly customisable - making it perfect for inspiring imaginative play.

Soft and lightweight, it's easy for little hands to hold and move around. Plus it's washable, so you can keep it clean and looking like new.

This unique toy makes a great gift for kids of all ages - they'll have hours of fun with their new caterpillar friend.


*Safety eyes are not recommended for children below three years of age. All our toys can be made with embroidered or crocheted eyes.

Cathy Caterpillar

  • Cathy is about 9.5 inches (about 24 cm) tall.

    Since the toys are handmade, there might be a small variation in sizes.

    Customize this item with your favorite colors.

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